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Unfortunately, there's not much to show off here. My stitching came to an abrupt halt due to a divorce, trans-Atlantic move, trans-Atlantic re-move, and life in general whomping me about the head and shoulders with a whiffleball bat.

"Wisteria Welcome" from Cross My Heart, Inc's "Your Welcome"

The first project of the year! Since the majority of my stitching seems to find its way into someone else's home eventually, I figured I'd start alternating between stitching something for our home and something for a gift. As soon as we agree on the matting and frame, this one will go into the little foyer just inside our front door. The design is pretty easy to stitch. The only thing I had even the slightest problem with was keeping track of my stitches on the wisteria. The backstitching is very quick work and really makes the picture. It took me just under 4 weeks to finish this.

After my life settled down some, I managed to get this stitched for my father for Christmas. Dad's a herpetologist, which tends to draw blank stares that rapidly turn to gasps of horror when people find out he studies, raises, and occasionally breeds snakes around the house.

"Python" from Stoney Creek's "Reptiles & Amphibians"

"Attitude" from Jeanette Crews Designs Inc's "Cattitudes: The Eight Litter"

This isn't quite completed, though I stopped stitching on it in the fall of 2003. At the time, I was trying to sort out how I was going to add an Army softcap to the kitten. Since then, DH has been assigned to a new unit and now I get to figure out how to stitch in a red beret. Hopefully, I'll get it figured out and he'll be able to frame it and take it to work as was the original intention.