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Welp, I'm not entirely certain what I'm going to put here at the moment. As of now, she hasn't shown a keen interest in any particular hobby so I guess you'll just have to make due with pictures here and there. I know, Mom. You'll get through it somehow. *ducks*

Heather is now three and discovering independence. *Help!* Case in point: our little lady decided she was going to dress up for Halloween despite it being a couple of days before Christmas. Yes, that is a tail hanging down from her chest.

Grandma came to visit for Christmas, and that always means sugar cookies and decorating!! Heather and Sarah insisted on their own personal pan of cookies to decorate. I think it's fairly obvious here why Sarah wasn't overly keen on having Heather within reach of her cookies. Hrmm.. I still need to go replace my cookie decorations.

She's a little diva, that's for sure. Once she realizes that the camera is out and she's the intended subject, oh the hamming begins!! Now if we could get her to stop seeing the flash and instantly charging the photographer with demands of "Lemme see!!".....