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Since Hunter's not even 2 yet, he doesn't really care what I put up on his page. He spends his days following Heather around seeing how long it takes him to agitate her enough to turn on him with a pout, scream of outrage, or a wail of "MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!" (his personal favorite). So, like Heather's page, this one is likely just going to be a photo gallery with an occasional commentary on whatever he's gotten up to recently.

Here he is ratting Daddy out after I discovered a snowball fight between Steve and Sarah had travelled indoors. *sigh* Why is it when the mess is happening everyone's in the middle of it, but when I discover said mess everyone gets this glazed expression and shrugs just before suddenly remembering they're needed elsewhere??

Hunter has been watching while I practice on stage at church. One day while playing, he kept dragging one of Heather's jumpropes around the house and making this odd monotone noise. It took me awhile to figure out that the jumprope was his microphone and that sound was him making up a song.

I couldn't help but fall in love with this pic of the two of them playing tag. Have you ever seen a cuter demonchild? I suppose someday I'll have Steve fix the redeye..... maybe.

Anyone who has ever watched Hunter has gotten the now famous "Are you completely off your rocker?" look. Once reserved for "strangers" trying to coax hugs, waves, or smiles out of him, this expression has gotten A LOT more use now that he's connected it with the gales of laughter coming from the adults around him. Of course, the meaning behind it hasn't changed and he still uses it if we even consider trying to pass him off to nursery workers or relatives.