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1 Year

There are a lot of photos to show off here as a result of me losing my temper due to certain policies the Sears studio had that I didn't agree with. First and foremost being the fact that we spent nearly an hour with the photographer as she learned what types of shots we liked, seeing our reactions to certain photos, and all around getting a good idea of what would appeal to us, only to have a manager waltz in and chase the photographer ~ AND US!! ~ out of the way while she took it upon herself to go through the shots and choose what she felt were the good ones. By the time I was done making my opinion clear (and making Steve want to gag me in the process I'm sure) we were given every shot that had been taken.

Hunter spotted this bear on the props shelf and attached himself to it right off the bat. After a couple of attempts to get him to use a book or balloon instead, the photographer simply changed backgrounds and let him play. I wasn't terribly convinced I was going to be able to get him to give it back when the session was over.

When the photographer failed to extract the bear from him, she improvised and added the birthday prop. Slowly but surely he got distracted and eventually loosed his grip on the bear. Very slowly.....

Inevitably, Hunter started to get tired and began to act up. The first signs of trouble, or what amounts to trouble as far as Hunter goes, was fidgeting and refusing to stay in the poses the photographer set up.

So Daddy was sent in to try to coax a few more smiles out of him while getting him to stay in front of the camera.

Unfortunately, it wasn't working really well. Hunter isn't quite as much of a Momma's Boy anymore but when these were taken, he gave whole new meaning to the term. When he started getting tired, there was always a point where he wouldn't tolerate anyone but me holding him and sure enough, he hit that point during the photo shoot.

Finally he made it crystal clear that he was done for the afternoon.... by starting to snore into my shoulder. I do have to admit that this is one of my favorite photos of Hunter. I didn't realize it had been taken until we were going through the "trash" shots on the CD.

Newborn Pics