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Sarah's Page

I've given up entirely on predicting when any updates will ever actually be done. So, you're stuck just checking back in every year or so. Oh, and Sarah's school collects Box Tops. They hold competitions to see which class can bring in the most. By the time Sarah outgrows turning them in, Heather will be in school and needing them. So if you could find these little pink tokens on various grocery items and save them for us, we'd REALLY appreciate it!

Sarah's page is going to get a huge revamp. There's so much that needs to be added that I think it's going to end up turning into a "main" page with a ton of subpages. First change will be the links on this page. I'm going to have just four links up there for now and each of those links will branch off to more specific stuff. The "mapping" in the background is what is taking so long, I'm afraid.

I promise I'll get around to updating the pictures as well, but that's coming along considerably slower than I had originally hoped. I'm still finding studio photos scattered around in boxes that were stuffed into the storage room rather than getting unpacked. As for random shots from around the house... yeah. Sarah tends to bolt for her room and lock the door if she sees me pick up the camera. I think it has something to do with Grandma coming to visit and blinding the entire household for an hour or so. I'll keep trying here and there though.

Here is the infamous Calli. As a baby, we thought this cat was possessed. She's since grown from the fuzziest banshee in history to an absolute sweetheart. That picture was taken in April of 2006 when Calli was about 3 months old.