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Okies, here's the start to Sarah's art gallery. She's constantly drawing, sculpting, painting.... whatever is considered the least bit creative, she's working on it in some form or another. As always, I'll try to keep it updated, but right now I'm just scanning things as fast as I can find them; they're not going to be in any kind of order. Somehow I don't think anyone's really going to mind though.

Sarah's sketches and drawings

Her horses


Sarah had a school project back in December which required the kids to do a book report with "props" and she chose to make her own out of modelling clay. Sadly, she took those to school before I could get photos of them. But, she had so much fun with it that she decided to make her school mascot and give that to her teacher. This was done in a couple of hours on January 12th.

On the 16th, I walked past her room and spotted this sitting on her desk. Of course, I HAD to take pictures of it. I just wasn't aware at the time that it wasn't done.

That evening, I found this waiting on my bed. She made one swan for each of us. And if you look at the ampersand, she managed to make IT look like a swan too!

This little thing probably impressed me the most out of all her little sculptures. She did this back in October of 2009 when she should have been doing her homework. Before you look at it and shrug it off, let me point out that you're not looking at clay. Nope, she made this out of one of those artist erasers. See why it startled me so much?

Sarah doesn't necessarily need clay, pencils, paint, or even paper to create something. She had been asked to watch her brother and sister while Steve and I were busy with dinner one evening. When I came upstairs to check on them, I found this...