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I don't expect it to take long for her to provide so much stuff there that I'll need to add subpages left and right. She can't seem to keep herself from doodling at all times, and we aren't overly inclined to make her stop any time soon. She'll be 11 next month. We can't wait to see what she's drawing in another 11 years!


Here's an example of the stuff Sarah can churn out in a matter of ten minutes or less. These were sketched up back in May of 2009 when Heather was whining that she wanted something to color and we didn't have any coloring books available. Sarah sat at the table and made her little sister a coloring book really quickly.

Another page drawn just before dinner was ready.

Our church had a Fall Festival art contest one Wednesday night and the kids had 30 mins to produce something to turn in. This was Sarah's entry and it won her first place for her age group. We were told unofficially that had they merged all the age groups, she'd have won second place. (We saw the drawing they'd have given first place to and "WOW!!", second place will work!!)

Here are some "doodles" I found laying around her room. I call them doodles because anything she considers a "picture" or something she put any decent amount of effort into gets brought to us to ask our opinions. Since these were just laying scattered about, she was either just messing around and whipped them out in a matter of a couple of minutes, or she was practicing a new technique.