Family Wishlists

Okay, Mom. Here's that page I've been promising for ..... years. *blush* It's pretty much always going to be under construction, so you'll have to keep checking back constantly. Of course, Steve's not the most forthcoming when it comes to telling anyone when he wants something, but I'll do my best to remember anything he mentions in passing and write it down. Also, if there's an item listed as a link, that's just so you can actually see what it is. I haven't done any kind of research for the lowest prices or anything like that. Okies, here we go!!

Christmas is going to be tiny for us this year. We've prioritized getting our finances straightened out in the next few years and that's meant cutting back on holidays and such. Since we're not able to do much of anything for anyone, we'll actually feel a bit uncomfortable if people start going ballistic for us. Honestly, Christmas cards and some little sparkly toy for the kids will be more than enough!

Last updated spring 2011 (everyone)

She's extremely girly, and I'm completely out of my depth with her. I was content in a baggy t-shirt and dirty jeans. She's.... not. Whenever she mentions something in the store that she likes, or sees a commercial that peaks her interest, I'll post it here so everyone can get an idea of what is catching her attention. Oh..and if anyone sends any clothing that she wouldn't be able to wear to a church picnic, I'll send it back. I doubt that would ever be an issue, but just throwing that out there as the fashion trends were getting pretty skanky not too long ago.
As of September 2010, Sarah's wearing 10/12 in girls, but the legs tend to be too long. She's discovering she has hips and we're constantly having to assure her that it's normal and she ISN'T getting fat. *headdesk* She needs belts!

Her shoe size is now an 8.

Her favorite colors right now are blue and purple, and she is absolutely fascinated with hummingbirds.

Frighteningly, Sarah has discovered boys... and that they notice girls wearing make up. Steve and I have decided that if she wants to wear lip gloss and nail polish, we'll let her. NO REDS! She borrowed a classmate's red lip gloss and it was awful looking. Pinks, blushes, maybe even a soft earth tone will suit her well. She's also trying to learn how to apply eyeshadow, mascara, and the rest. Don't look at me. I can still pass for an escaped clown when I try to wear the stuff.

Anything crafty or artsy is always a hit with her and she is ALWAYS in need of sketchbooks, drawing paper, construction paper.... anything like that. She's also becoming quite the little sculptor and has found she enjoys modeling clay. About the only thing she's not constantly messing with is paint or markers. Almost all of her drawings are monochrome, even when she has colors available to her. She also tends to draw and doodle with ink more than pencils no matter how much we pester her about pencils being better.

She still enjoys reading about Greek and Roman mythology, as well as ancient Egyptian culture. She's fascinated with ghosts and hauntings, even trying to convince us that the house we're living in now is haunted. (It's not.) Her reading tastes really haven't changed too much that we've noticed, aside from her doing less and less of it.


Easy peasy to entertain Heather right now. She's very much the typical 4 year old girl. She likes dolls, pink and purple, and plush toys. Crayons and coloring books are a big hit too!

She wears 6 right now, and is growing like a weed. She's outgrown all but three or four of her outfits that we mix and match, and she's down to two sets of pajamas, both summer materials. She is currently wearing size 9 shoes, but her feet are about to burst out of them.

As of right now, coloring books, coloring books, and more coloring books are at the top of Heather's favorite activity list. Maybe throw in a paint with water book if they're even still available. She's also starting to ask for dress up outfits, especially fairies and princesses.


Toys that light up and make noise entertain him for awhile. He likes the big megablocks, as well as any toys that move on their own.

He's wearing 2Ts now. His shoes are size 8 already.

As of spring 2011, Hunter is still Buzz Lightyear crazy and likes to run around pretending to fly, shoot a laser from his arm, and holler "To infinity and beyond!".


Of course random animated movies hold the kids' attention. They seem to like Veggie Tales characters and Mickey Mouse characters. Neither of them cares for Winnie the Pooh, though. Heather has fallen head over heels for Tinkerbell the last month or so. Sarah has been less than forthcoming about who or what she likes these days, so I suspect her first thought when I ask "Who do you like this year?" isn't a TV character, but someone at school. *sigh*


Steve's still having time issues so he doesn't have much leisure opportunity right now. What free time he does get, he's been going through books he's read before at an incredible rate. Most of the books I've seen him read have been sword and sorcery fantasy types. He was mentioning a set of books we don't have... I think he said Terry Brooks wrote them. It's a fairly long series, very popular, and I'm pretty certain you've read them Mom. I want to say Shanara or something similar, but I'm not positive. It's not the Discworld set. He read the first couple of those and didn't like them much. Steve also likes the vampire, werewolf, "nighttime critter" type books as long as they aren't the girly "ooh! He comes with fangs and is sooooo sexy!!" plot challenged romance. Just make sure any books bought for him are paperbacks. The man MANGLES books!!

Obviously tools are always a hit, but until I hear him say a name specifically, I'm not gonna be much help. Woodworking books and patterns, carpentry stuff, and landscaping books are safe bets as well.

We haven't been watching TV much over the last few years, so we're behind the times on what's out there. We've been watching "Bones" and love that series. We're gonna have to pick up the 4th season and everything after that eventually. Steve's also mentioned wanting to get caught up on "Lost". We have the first season of that show, though I don't think he's watched it. Sorry, Mom... I'm not the least bit interested in it. Steve has the first five seasons of "Smallville" and the first season of "Kyle XY", both of which he'd like to get the rest of.

Let's see, movies are still a surefire way to go. We don't have anything that's been released on DVD since June. I know he's wanting the IronMan 2 movie, ummmm... Robin Hood... Action, comedy (without being just plain stupid). Horror and hack-n-slash don't interest him much.


Nothing's changed here. I suppose I could add wanting the Harry Potter books on audio CD. Other than that, this is still current.

Hrmm... yeah. I'm on a cross stitch kick. A gift certificate for $500 to 123 Stitch! wouldn't be enough to cover that ridiculous wish list I've accumulated over there. And of course, that wouldn't even begin to touch the fabric, floss, and accessories I'd need for all those charts. But if you're crazy enough to look, follow this link and enter my email address in the box for a friend's list. Then wait about ten minutes for it all to load up. Ignore all the "suggestions" added below the actual wish list. Trust me, when I add something to the list, I'm already going through the suggestions and adding what I like from those as well.

You can never go wrong with Ravensburger puzzles. Fantastical, mountainscapes, spacescapes, the atlases, butterflies, horses, cats... whatever. I LOVE the huge 9,000 piece puzzles, but they tend to run $100 or more so... someday!

As for other interests.... well, I'm still fond of yellow roses, dolphins, dragons, scented candles and things like that. I haven't seen any books that have caught my attention recently, which is probably a good thing as I STILL haven't read the rest of the Tolkien saga, the second half of the Drizzt saga, or the second half of the Valdemar books. That should keep me busy for a decade or so. Of course, if I can ever track down the Valdemar and Drizzt books on audio CD in an unabridged format, I'll be all over those in a heartbeat! Oooh!! Gathering Storm is available on CD! *drool*

As far as movies and TV shows... Well, I'm still wanting to own the "Highlander" TV saga. That's ridiculously expensive though and there are eight or nine seasons. Then there's the "Law and Order" show and that's going on what... 20 years? I think the only current show that has caught my interest at all has been "Supernatural" and I have all but the running season of that one.